HGP anchor channels
The first smart anchor with ETA-CE certification
The design phase

Designing with anchor channels means: positioning the fixings of building components on concrete structures, dimensioning the traction kN and kN cutting loads and defining the installations on site. The designer indicates to the structural engineer the anchoring needs foreseen in the building project such as facade anchors, lift anchors, fixings for heating systems and air conditioning systems, fixings of systems that transmit fatigue loads, channels and walkways for the distribution of plants and for anchoring coatings.
During assembly, installers do not drill holes and the environment remains clean and healthy from dust, concrete structures are not damaged. No holes, no dust, clean environment, anchor bolts and threaded accessories are enough but ….

What happens if the anchor bolt is not coordinated with the profile?

The designer’s calculation is irretrievably compromised because some essential data of the calculation are different in the components used. The profile-screw coupling analysed in the calculation is not the one on the construction site, on site there are screw-profiles that mate but we don’t know how they relate. Anchoring on site does not represent the anchoring of tests and certification. The ETA CE certificate lapses. This condition escapes the designer and the construction manager, but unfortunately it is very frequent and has been verified throughout Europe

Guaranteed Designer

HGP smart anchor is the anchor that guarantees the designer because the anchor head screw component has turned into the M16 threaded H nut. The nut H is inserted into the cavity of the GP profile directly from the manufacturer. HGP smart anchor contains the necessary so that the anchorage corresponds exactly to the calculation done by the designer and to the ETA CE certification. For the coupling of the anchor a common M16 threaded rods is enough, a product easily available all over the world.

HGP smart anchor has a structural behavior a little different from the profile with screw, therefore:

a) It cannot be extracted from the channel after the casting of the concrete,

b) The cutting load is very high,

c) It accepts loads well fatigue,

d) Improves the fire resistance of the anchor.

Hgp Smart Anchor won the 1st ICTA “Italian Concrete Technology Awards” 2018 and it’s a product approved by UNICMI.