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The innovative HGP Smart Anchor is a new generation anchoring system replacing conventional hot rolled channels with improved performance.
Designing with anchor channels means:
  • positioning the fixings of building components in concrete structures
  • project the kN tensile and kN shear loads
  • defining site installations.
The designer indicates to the structural engineer the anchorage requirements in the building design, such as façade anchorages, lift anchorages, fixings for heating and air conditioning systems, fixings for fatigue-load transmitting systems, channels and walkways for the distribution of systems and for the anchorage of cladding.
During assembly, installers do not drill holes and the environment remains clean and dust-free, concrete structures are not damaged.
feltrinelli foundation anchor channels

The HGP SMART cast-in anchor channel is the anchor that guarantees the designer because the screw component of the anchor head has turned into the M16 threaded H-nut.

The H-nut is inserted into the profile cavity directly by the manufacturer. The HGP anchorage system contains what is necessary for the anchorage to correspond exactly to the calculation made by the designer and the ETA CE certification. To attach the anchor, a common M16 threaded rod is sufficient, a product that is readily available worldwide.

The anchorage system for concrete (HGP anchor channel) has a slightly different structural behaviour to the screw profile, therefore:

  • H nut cannot be pulled out of the channel after the channel has been casted into the concrete
  • The shear load is very high
  • It accepts fatigue loads
  • It improves the fire resistance of the anchorage
hgp smart anchor channel
Anchora channels design software (1)

HGP anchor channels are supported by files that aid the design process.

The BIM files are ready to use, and the GP anchorage calculation software allows the use of HGP to be compared with the use of GP anchor channel. The calculation software makes it possible to obtain an excellent design to choose the most cost-effective fastener for the type of installation.

winner of
"Italian Concrete Technology Awards"

HGP Smart Anchor Channel won the 1st ICTA “Italian Concrete Technology Awards” 2018.
HGP Smart Anchor Channel is a product approved by UNICMI. Italian National Association of Metal Building and Enclosure Industries and Constructions.

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