Anchor channels are the most advanced and safe technique for fastening elements to concrete structures in the building. Investing a minimal time during design, you get a great result on the building yard where the installer finds the anchor already cast-in into the concrete structure, ready for use.
It is the European product certification. It originates from a detailed analysis of the product, supported by laboratory tests that have been accepted and recognized by the technical institutes of each member state of the European Economic Community. Anchorchannels GL is ETA-17/0869 certificate issued by ITC-CNR.
Environment product declaration EPDITALY0234 issued by ICMQ.
Building Information Modeling: intelligent objects to provide a designer a help tool for a quick design of all the details of the building. Anchor channels is also committed to providing the BIM drawings of its pieces to make the work of the designer who will use them easier.
Fixing adjustment in 3 directions
You can choose 3 different directions
Certified product with constant performance
Our product have ETA CE certification.
HGP designer 100% guaranteed
the channel + nut are supplied in one product
Simple design
you choose the anchor according to the load to be fixed
Reusable for new hardware
Anchors can be reused and moved as needed.
No specialized staff needed
Pieces are very easy to put into context
No holes on the building yard
It is not necessary to damage the chosen wall.
Clean and dust free environment
It doesn’t harm the environment with pollutants.
Certified fire resistance
All our products are certified for fire resistance.
Use in seismic areas
Our products can be used in areas with high seismic risk.
We are studying also new solution.
Our latest projects
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Vertical Forest  is a new symbol of sustainable, ecological architecture, winner of the 1st prize at the 2014 International Highrise Awards, reinforcing the prestige of Stefano Boeri and of Italian architecture all over the world..

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An important project of the archi stars Herzog & de Meuron for a historic Italian publishing brand.

The project redesigns a block of Milan giving a new meaning to a crossroads of roads that connect the city center with the Monumental Cemetery and the inner ring road.

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The  Dubai airport – one of the largest airport structures in the world – has complex automatic systems for baggage handling for passengers.             These systems- installed in the “belly” of the therminal, several floors below ground, are made up of track on which run the wagon carrying each piece of luggage to their destination.

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