GP Anchor Calculation
The best software with graphic interface for selecting and sizing the anchor profile.
What about?

The product allows you to design and verify the anchor profiles of the company, in accordance with current regulations. It has been developed with a view to being as intuitive as possible, controllable and adaptable to the most varied design problems. Starting from version, the software allows performing safety checks also according to the American ACI 318-14 and AC232 specifications, as well as the already implemented European standards EOTA TR047 and UNI CEN-TS 1992.

Dedicated graphic interface

The graphic interface available on GP Anchor Calculation is particularly effective for the project and for checking anchor profiles according to the technical standards in force: it allows a rapid input of data and, at the same time, leaves the user in the hands of full control of the design process.

Load combinations and generic materials

GP Anchor Calculation allows you to design and verify all the commercial profiles of the GL Locatelli company and to choose whether to perform the calculations pursuant to the UNI CEN-TS 1992, EOTA TR047 or ACI 318-14 standards. Particularly interesting is the possibility of managing an unlimited number of load combinations to be tested, each characterized by its own limit state.

Quick or detailed consultation of the results

From the technical point of view, the strength of GP Anchor Calculation is the way in which it is possible to control the results produced by the calculation procedures, for which there are 3 levels of control.


The GP Anchor Calculation interface supports 11 different languages: English, German, Italian, etc. The calculation report is prepared for English, French, Spanish and Italian, while remaining completely editable by the user for the management of additional languages

Validated procedures

GP Anchor Calculation calculation procedures have been validated using manual calculations. The software guide and the validation document contain the description, with numerical examples, of the calculation procedures implemented.

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